Mrs Fields Australia

The brief

The Australian master franchise holder of the American Mrs Fields Cookies shops and cafe’s had a very dated and poorly functioning website completely out of align with their brand.

The client also had separate website for customers to order cookie cakes via “click and collect” system for all of their stores. This website was also dated and worked very poorly. In addition to this, there was also a separate website promoting Mrs Fields Australia franchises make a total of three websites all with different looks and none working correctly.

The client wanted to create a new website in line with their brand but also incorporate the ordering and franchise promotion into one single website.

Our approach

Working with their graphic designer we created a new website incorporating, promotion of their brand, online ordering for cookie cakes and promotion of franchise opportunities.

We also upgraded the display of the franchise locations using embedded custom Google maps with custom markers for store locations.

The online ordering features SMS notifications upon order to each store location as well as the ability for the payment to be processed through each individual stores PayPal account.

The result

The client now has a flexible single website promoting their brand and online ordering in line with their brand as well promoting their franchise opportunities. also provides ongoing website support and maintenance for this client.