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This is the process of maximising the position of a website in search engine results.

Search engines rank websites according to many variables which principally fall into two areas; relevance and credibility. The relevance of a website to a given search will determine if it is to be included in the results.

The credibility of the website will determine how close to the top of the page the website will be listed. Relevance has to do with the structure of the code and text on the website. Credibility is primarily the product of references to the website in the wider internet.

Our SEO Philosophy

Our results driven business model comes with one important necessity – Quality. The reason so many fail to deliver meaningful results is that they take the easy road. It’s tempting… lowering costs is an important consideration for any business but in our field this can have a serious impact for our customers. Get it wrong and you may find yourself losing ground – sometimes dramatically.

This is why we do not engage in any so-called, ‘black-hat’ methods of online marketing. These methods are usually designed to ‘trick’ search engines into looking on your website favourably. There may be short term gains but experience has shown these are short lived and the penalties of having your website labelled as a user of these techniques can be hard to live with.

Our job is to deliver quality visitors to your site. If none of them do what you want however (make a purchase, fill out a form, call your number etc…) then the benefits of our work are not fully realised. We know what works. Part of our service is to help you structure your website with clear and concise pathways to conversion.

Page One Google Guarantee

We are so confident of our services we’ll guarantee that for websites that have already been established for 12 months or longer we’ll get you onto page one of Google search results within three months or the work is free* – to get more information about our proven search engine optimisation methods, contact us today for a no obligation appraisal. 

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* For agreed search phrases – conditions apply.

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